Creative and Interactive event activities and photobooths in Cyprus


Creative and Interactive event activities and photobooths in Cyprus

What We Do

Light Painting Photo Booth

Leave traditional photo booths in the dark

Bullet-Time Photo Booth

Step into the world of “The Matrix”

FlashMob Light

Get your guests to create something unique

Light Art Performances

Put on a show that lights up your program

Video Productions

Kick-ass animations with added shine

Photo Shoots

A unique way to light up your campaign

Create unforgettable event experiences!

What Is Light Painting?

Light painting is a new art form that’s taking the world by storm. Light fascinates, attracts, and delights. It opens up a world of opportunities to get creative and craft stunning results that help your event or brand visuals stand out from the crowd. Light makes every image, video, or performance unique – and that’s why we love working with it.

Who we are

We are a team of creative professionals with over 20 years experience in the world of entertainment and promotion. Our team boasts some of the best in the business, including light painting artists, lighting designers, and photographers. We blend artistic and technical skills to deliver stunning visual experiences that take events and promotional campaigns to a whole new level. Our global Talent network includes some of the best light painting professionals out there.

Light up your world


What people think of us

Do not believe the hype. Check out what some of our clients have to say instead.

Sun Effects
" ...was great seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they were coming out of their LightPaintBox session..."

Ilkka Paloniemi, Curator, LUX Helsinki

"Guests really liked the themed portraits they could take and share, and the surprising live performance underlined our Grand Opening theme perfectly!"

Helena Hurri , Hetzner Finland

" Co-operation with LightPaintBox was really smooth and flexible. Everything worked great. Warmly recommended! "

Minna Kärkkäinen, Communications Specialist, Granlund Oy

" A fantastic experience! What a great way to engage the audience and the results were awesome!"

Elna Romberg, Choir Director, His Masters Noise

" The feedback from the participants has been fantastic. Thank You Light Paint Box for bringing that extra element of excitement for our opening!"

Rigulio Graak, Founder, Art Society Soho Helsinki

" Light Paint Box was such a fun and creative experience. Seeing how the magic happens is very cool! "

Gavin Van Dok, PM, Plan Mill



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